Who we are

HYFFN specialises in tech placement and consultancy services. 

We continuously grow our skills, knowledge and resources to best serve you, clients and candidates.

Each consultant is dedicated to a niche tech pool, developing a clear understanding of its market to give you a competitive advantage. 

What we do

Clients, we are alongside you at each step of your recruitment process or your tech project. We assist you from end to end, from identifying the need to the delivery of the expected outcome.

Candidates, we work closely with you to understand what you are aiming to achieve. We will help you find the best project that matches all your expectations.

Our Values

We hold them internally and externally, aligning ourselves with everyone in our ecosystem.


Being humble and attentive to others whilst learning to develop oneself.


Acting with empathy and kindness towards those around us.


Daring to try, being different and taking risks to reach success.


Being solid. Using failure to improve and to surpass oneself.


Aiming for efficiency above all. Acting daily with pragmatism and simplicity.




Need to strengthen your organisation with sharp profiles or move forward on a tech project ?




The value we bring

Our double cap, tech recruitment and consultancy allows you to work with one entity for all your needs. 


Permanent placements

With a view to strengthening your permanent teams, we support you in your search for the right talents.

We identify the profiles most in line with your functional and cultural requirements, that will compliment your context and values.

Consulting and tech services

From short-term development to large scale digital transformation, we are by your side at each step of your projects in web, mobile, data, cloud, architecture…



Considering a change and looking for a new project that will make more sense to you ? 




Your accomplishment is ours

Our mission is to find the most stimulating project that makes sense to you and your plans. 

We offer tailor-made support according to your background and expectations.



All our expertise is shared with you to help you make the best career decision.

We are by your side throughout your whole placement process to maximise your chances of success.



We can represent you in certain contexts and bring our expertise to give you a head start in the market.

Customer prospection and contractual negotiation are some services that we can provide.


Where we operate

Contact us

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75 rue de richelieu, 75002 Paris